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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Swissvax Waschpudel


We Say

In contrast to old-fashioned sponges and other foam-based wash mitts, the fine version of the Swissvax Waschpudel features a very deep pile that enables particles of dirt to be drawn safely away from surfaces that are being washed. Moreover, because this pile is soft and loose, the same particles of dirt can be easily rinsed out after each panel is washed. In our opinion, these characteristics make the fine version of the Swissvax Waschpudel one of the safest possible implements for washing automotive surfaces with, particularly when used in conjunction with the two bucket method and a high quality shampoo concentrate such as Swissvax Car Bath.

Key Features

Bristle/Pile Length7 mm(Approximate Value)
Construction70:30(% Polyester:% Polyamide)
Softness9/10(Compared To Others)


Using a sponge to wash your car will inevitably mar the bodywork, because no matter how careful you are you will always trap some dirt and grime between the face of the sponge and underlying surfaces as you move the sponge around. Swissvax therefore recommends the use of a wash mitt with a deep pile instead, and preferably one that can be machine washed after each use. This is how the simple yet obvious concept of the Swissvax Waschpudel was born; create a cross between a traditional sponge and a deep pile towel, merging the practical handling characteristics of a sponge with the safety offered by a machine washable deep pile towel.


More Information
Bristle/Pile Length 7 mm
Construction 70% polyester, 30% polyamide (colour may vary)
Promo Offer BUY 3 OR MORE SAVE 5%
Washable Yes (hand or machine)

How To Use

Care instructions: (i) wash after each use in a washing machine at a low temperature (40°C) using a non-biological liquid detergent (avoid soap powders and detergents containing bleach or fabric softeners); (ii) allow to dry naturally on a line or tumble dry on a cool heat setting (avoid radiators and other sources of high heat), and; (iii) store in a dry, dust-free environment while not in use (lidded plastic storage boxes are ideal in this respect).