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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Swissvax Smart Bucket


We Say

The Swissvax Smart Bucket is ideal for ensuring that your use of the two bucket method is as safe and effective as possible. The generous capacity means you will only need to make up one bucket of suds per wash, and its so deep that we don't consider the use of a grit guard necessary. However, if you favour the reassurance a grit guard offers, then the Scratch Shield Bucket Filter fits perfectly. If you visit shows and other events regularly and need to wash your car when you arrive, you'll really appreciate the convenience and performance that the innovative Swissvax Smart Bucket offers.

Key Features

Capacity20 L(To Maximum Fill Line)
Diameter270 mm(At The Base)
Maximum Water Temperature60°C(Do Not Exceed)


The Swissvax Smart Bucket is an ingenious solution to the conundrum of needing to wash your car while travelling away from home but not having sufficient boot space to take normal rigid buckets with you. It comprises a lightweight yet surprisingly robust collapsible bucket with a huge 20 litre capacity. As it collapses down fully to the size of a large frisbee, it fits into virtually every vehicle with ease, making it ideal for use not only when you are away attending events and shows, but also when touring too. It's smart, practical and compatible with the Scratch Shield Bucket Filter too.


More Information
Capacity 20 L
Construction Polyvinyl chloride
Maximum Water Temperature 60°C
Scratch Shield Compatible Yes

How To Use

We recommend using the two bucket method whenever you wash your car, which involves filling one bucket with a shampoo solution and another with water. The idea behind this method is to load your wash mitt with suds from the bucket of shampoo, wash one panel of your car (starting with the roof and working down) and then rinse out your mitt thoroughly in the bucket of water (to release any trapped particles of dirt), before then reloading your mitt with suds and moving on to the next panel. It's a very simple concept, but highly effective in terms of reducing the amount of marring that is caused by particles of dirt and grime being rubbed over underlying surfaces as you wash your car.