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Swissvax Shield


We Say

Swissvax Shield is an innovative wax formula from Swissvax that is fortified with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). This is the same material used to coat non-stick kitchenware, and in automotive applications its use imparts a similar non-stick effect that results in fewer contaminants adhering to treated bodywork. As a result, treated cars are able to better withstand the elements for many months at a time, and are easier to wash and maintain in between treatments. Swissvax Shield is thus an excellent choice of protection for use on vehicles that are regularly driven in harsh conditions, i.e. off road, or are regularly exposed to corrosive contaminants, such as road salt.

Key Features

Beading8/10(Compared To Others)
Durability3 Months +(Average Value)
Slickness10/10(Compared To Others)


Swissvax Shield is a modern and innovative solution for the ultimate protection of all types of paintwork under the harshest of conditions. Swissvax Shield is a special carnauba wax formulation that is enriched with non-stick polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which creates a slick shield over your paintwork. Thanks to the proverbial non-stick effect, dirt and grime is barely able to adhere to treated surfaces, making them far easier to wash and maintain. As a result, Swissvax Shield is recommended for use on high mileage daily drivers, vehicles that are driven through the winter months, vehicles that are not garaged overnight and vehicles that are regularly driven off road.


More Information
Adds Protection Yes
Application Method By hand only
Carnauba Content (By Volume) Unspecified
Durability 3 months +
Enhances Gloss Yes
Flake Pop
Layerable Yes (allow 12 hours between coats)
Recommended For All paint types and colours
Trim-Safe No

How To Use

Swissvax Shield should only be applied by hand. For best results, it should be applied to freshly cleansed paint three to four panels at a time and as thinly and evenly as possible using a Swissvax Foam Applicator Pad. The resulting film should be buffed off within a few minutes of application using either a Swissvax Micro-Fluffy Towel or a Swissvax Micro-Polish Towel; there is absolutely no need to allow the film to dry fully before it is removed.