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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Swissvax Quick Finish Opaque


We Say

Swissvax Quick Finish Opaque was developed by Swissvax in response to matt effect paint and vinyl wrap finishes becoming an increasingly popular option on brand new cars. Given that matt effect finishes are easily damaged by conventional quick detailers (which typically contain oils designed to enhance gloss), Swissvax have formulated an oil-free quick detailing solution that removes fingerprints and dust without degrading the underlying matt effect. In our experience, Swissvax Quick Finish Opaque is an absolutely essential maintenance product for vehicles with matt effect finishes, particularly if they are taken to shows, where removing fingerprints becomes a never-ending battle!

Key Features

Beading5/10(Compared To Others)
Durabilityn/a(Doesn't Add Protection)
Slickness5/10(Compared To Others)


Conventional quick detailing sprays should not be used on matt paint finishes and matt vinyl wraps, as they typically contain gloss enhancing oils that can permanently degrade the matt effect. Swissvax Quick Finish Opaque is a simple quick detailing spray that can be used any time and anywhere to remove fresh contaminants from matt paint finishes and matt vinyl wraps without any risk of damaging the underlying matt effect. The use of Swissvax Quick Finish Opaque as a maintenance product is essential on vehicles protected with Swissvax Opaque; it is only possible to enjoy a perfect finish on matt effect surfaces if they are properly maintained using appropriate products.


More Information
Adds Protection No
Anti-Static No
Dilutable No
Durability n/a
Enhances Gloss No
Recommended For Matt finishes (painted and wrapped)
Size 250 ml
Trim-Safe Yes

How To Use

For best results, lightly mist Swissvax Quick Finish Opaque over a single panel at a time, and immediately wipe the panel down to spread a thin, even film of product using a Swissvax Micro-Absorb Towel. Then refold your towel and buff the panel down carefully to remove the film and reveal a perfect finish.