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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Swissvax Protecton Matt


We Say

Swissvax Protecton Matt is a plastic conditioner and dressing enriched with jojoba and other essential oils. Suitable for use both inside and out, it goes on very easily and produces a dark matt finish that suits most prestige and performance cars perfectly. Durability is excellent for a water-based dressing; under typical weather conditions in the UK each exterior application usually lasts for a minimum of a month, and if two layers are applied then six weeks or more is realistically achievable. Durability is obviously a less important factor for internal use, but here the beautiful matt finish that Swissvax Protecton Matt gives makes it a great choice for both enthusiasts and professional detailers alike.

Key Features

Adds ProtectionYes(UV Absorbers)
Durability1 Month +(Average Value)
Shine Level2/10(Single Coat)


Plastic and vinyl components contain various additives, including plasticisers that enhance suppleness and fillers that dictate surface quality. Over time, heat, frost, solvent-based cleaning agents and UV radiation gradually degrade these additives, causing the plastic or vinyl to become dry and weathered. Swissvax Protecton Matt is specifically designed to counteract this problem. Enriched with jojoba and other essential oils, Swissvax Protection Matt replenishes lost moisture and restores the original appearance of older plastic and vinyl surfaces and ensures newer ones remain looking like new. Suitable for use both inside and out, Swissvax Protecton Matt is easy to use and imparts a dark matt finish.


More Information
Adds Protection Yes
Chemical Basis Water-based
Contains UV Absorbers Yes
Darkening Effect Yes
Durability 1 month +
Layerable Yes (allow 1 hour between coats)
Shine Level
Size 250 ml
Suitable For Plastic and vinyl surfaces

How To Use

Before applying Swissvax Protecton Matt, ensure that the plastic and vinyl surfaces you intend to treat are spotlessly clean and dry (we recommend using Swissvax Plastic Wash for the initial cleaning step). Next, squeeze a small amount of Swissvax Protecton Matt on to a Swissvax Foam Applicator Pad and then work it into the surfaces to be treated lightly and evenly before allowing them to dry naturally.