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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Swissvax Metal Polish


We Say

The old adage 'you get what you pay for' couldn't be more apt for Swissvax Metal Polish. Yes, it's significantly more expensive than any of the other metal polishes we stock, but it's on another level performance-wise. It removes stains and surface hazing with ease, and restores a brilliant protective shine on all bare metal surfaces. And, as you would expect from Swissvax, it's guaranteed to be entirely safe for all types of metals.

Key Features

Adds ProtectionYes(Anti-Corrosives)
Cut Level4/10(Compared To Others)
Shine Level10/10(Compared To Others)


Swissvax Metal Polish removes tarnishing, oxidation and rust, and restore a brilliant protective shine on bare metals such as aluminium, brass and nickel. It quickly brings out a beautiful shine on chrome surfaces and restores an as new finish on stainless steel. Comprising a solvent-based paste packed full of diminishing micro-abrasives and synthetic waxes, it is easy to use and lays down long-term protection against the elements.


More Information
Adds Protection Yes
Chemical Basis Solvent-based
Contains Abrasive Particles Yes
Contains Chemical Cleaners Yes
Cut Level
Shine Level
Size 50 ml
Suitable For Hand Use Yes
Suitable For Machine Use Yes

How To Use

Swissvax Metal Polish should be applied by hand using either a Swissvax Foam Applicator Pad or Swissvax Micro-Absorb Towel. Only 1-2 pea-sized drops of product are required to polish a 6 x 6 area, and these should be worked in firmly and evenly until only a thin oily haze remains. This haze should then be buffed off carefully using a fresh Swissvax Micro-Absorb Towel, and the process repeated until the desired result is achieved.