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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Swissvax Detail Brush


We Say

As you might expect from Swissvax, it is not just their main range of products that is world renowned; the same sense of purpose and quality permeates through their accessory range too. The Swissvax Detail Brush is no exception to this and, with one hundred and one potential uses, is an excellent detailing tool that no dedicated Swissvax fan should be without. We particularly like it for dusting duties.

Key Features

Bristle/Pile Length48 mm(Approximate Value)
Chemically ResistantYes(Avoid Strong Chemicals)
Softness7/10(Compared To Others)


The Swissvax Detail Brush is a practical accessory product whose usefulness abounds. For interior use, the long flexible bristles are ideal for dusting vents and other hard to reach spots, while for exterior use, the long flexible bristles are perfect for dusting out panel shuts after polishing, and for cleaning door shuts and engine bays when used in conjunction with multi-purpose cleaners and degreasers.


More Information
Bristle/Pile Length 48 mm
Chemically Resistant Yes
Construction Pig hair bristles and hardwood handle

How To Use

Care instructions: (i) after use, rinse under fresh running water (using your fingertips to tease out any residual particles of dirt and grime) and allow to dry naturally, and; (ii) store in a dry, dust-free environment while not in use (lidded plastic storage boxes are ideal in this respect).