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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

SOFT99 Silicone Off

by SOFT99

We Say

To achieve the expected performance benefits associated with SOFT99 paint and glass sealants, it is necessary to properly clean the surfaces to be treated first (in a nutshell, the cleaner any given surface is before a synthetic sealant is applied, the longer its protective qualities will last). SOFT99 Silicone Off is ideal for this task, as it removes unwanted oils and residues with ease.

Key Features

Anti-StaticNo(Doesn't Repel Dust)
Cleaning Strength10/10(Compared To Others)
DilutableNo(Ready To Use)


SOFT99 Silicone Off is a spirit-based panel wipe that is designed to intensively clean non-porous automotive surfaces ahead of the application of fresh paint or protective sealants and coatings. It quickly cuts through and removes all traces of residual polishing oils and silicone-rich product residues, leaving perfectly clean surfaces for SOFT99 paint and glass sealants to adhere to.


More Information
Anti-Static No
Application Method By hand only
Chemical Basis Spirit-based
Cleaning Strength
Contains Chemical Cleaners Yes
Dangerous Goods Y
Dilutable No
Removes Oils And Residues Yes
Size 300 ml

How To Use

SOFT99 Silicone Off should be applied in a well-ventilated space and to cool surfaces out of direct sunlight. To protect your skin, we recommend wearing PB Nitrile Gloves during the application process. For best results, shake the can well and spray SOFT99 Silicone Off over small sections at a time (up to 18 x 18 square), and then buff it off immediately using a PB Disposable Towel. Once the whole car is done, discard the buffing towel (don't try and wash it, because the residual odour will contaminate your washing machine).