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SOFT99 Neutral Shampoo (Creamy Type)

by SOFT99

We Say

SOFT99 Neutral Shampoo (Creamy Type) generates a lot of suds (particularly when it's used in conjunction with sponge-lined wash mitts) and allows your wash mitt to glide effortlessly over underlying surfaces as you wash your car. It also rinses away really easily, even on days when the sun is doing its best to dry everything off before you finish getting round the car. While absolutely the best choice for washing finishes protected with SOFT99 sealants, it can also be used to safely wash surfaces treated with any of the other last step products we offer in our store.

Key Features

Cleaning Strength8/10(Compared To Others)
Recommended Dosage25 ml(In A PB Clear Wash Bucket)
Sudsiness9/10(Compared To Others)


SOFT99 Neutral Shampoo (Creamy Type) is a pure shampoo, designed to offer a high level of cleaning power while being easy to rinse off and kind to existing layers of paint protection. The high foaming action of the super slippery formula minimises the risk of inflicting marring and fine scratches during the wash process, while its slightly acidic nature helps to neutralise water hardness. SOFT99 Neutral Shampoo (Creamy Type) can be applied directly to all exterior surfaces (after pre-wash rinsing) using a wash mitt (4-5 drops per panel), or made up in a bucket like a normal shampoo.


More Information
Adds Protection No
Chemical Basis Detergent-based
Cleaning Strength
Enhances Gloss No
Number Of Washes Per Bottle
Recommended Dilution Ratio 800:1 (water:product)
Recommended Dosage 25 ml (in a PB Clear Wash Bucket)
Size 1 L
Strips Coatings No
Strips Sealants And Waxes No
pH 5 (acidic)

How To Use

For best results use at a dilution rate of 800:1 (water:product), which equates to 25 ml in a PB Clear Wash Bucket. Simply add the correct amount of shampoo to your suds bucket and then fill it to the top with warm water, stirring it as it fills. If your water pressure is low and relatively few suds are produced, blast a little cold water into the bucket with your hose or pressure washer (submerging the nozzle first); this will generate more suds. Alternatively, if you choose to apply it directly to the exterior surfaces using a wash mitt, use 4-5 drops per panel and rinse the mitt out thoroughly after cleaning each panel.