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SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax

by SOFT99

We Say

When the summertime rolls around each year, it's really nice to be able to stop worrying about durability and protection levels, and instead pick a last step product that is pleasurable to use and biased solely towards delivering a knock-out finish. In this respect, SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax is a fantastic choice. It goes on and off effortlessly (regardless of which application method you choose; see the How To Use section below for details), and produces a stunning looking finish characterised by laser sharp reflectivity and a level of wetness you could almost drown in. Of course, there is no reason why you can't use SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax at other times of the year; for greater durability it can always be layered on top of either SOFT99 Fusso Coat Wax or SOFT99 Fusso Coat F7. Like most other Japanese last step products, SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax it comes in both dark and light flavours (for darker- and lighter-coloured cars respectively), but the difference is very subtle. In summary, SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax is a pleasure to use and a superb summer wax.

Key Features

Beading9/10(Compared To Others)
Durability2 Months +(Average Value)
Slickness9/10(Compared To Others)


SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax is a hybrid wax formulated specifically to deliver a sharp wet-looking shine with very little effort. It achieves this using a hybrid blend of synthetic fluorine-based resins and both petroleum-based and naturally derived waxes (e.g. paraffin and carnauba). Unlike the other last step products in the same range, SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax doesn't need to be wiped on and then left to dry before being buffed off. Instead, it is designed to be wiped on and buffed off in a single fluid action, using a microfibre towel. This makes it extremely quick and easy to use. Despite this, it delivers an incredibly wet-looking shine with razor sharp reflectivity, and typically lasts for up to three months per application. As is commonly the case with Japanese last step products, two different versions of SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax are available (dark and light, for darker- and lighter-coloured cars respectively). The difference between them, however, is very subtle, and it's perfectly safe to experiment with either version on any given car if you wish.


More Information
Adds Protection Yes
Application Method By hand only
Carnauba Content (By Volume) Unspecified
Durability 2 months +
Enhances Gloss Yes
Flake Pop
Layerable Yes (allow 12 hours between coats)
Recommended For All paint types and colours (choose dark or light)
Trim-Safe No

How To Use

SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax should only be applied by hand. SOFT99 recommend applying it to freshly cleansed paint using the supplied microfibre buffing towel, and then buffing it continuously with the same towel until all of the residue is removed. This certainly works well, but it does tend to clog the towel with wax quite quickly, meaning it becomes progressively trickier to buff off the residue without leaving smears behind. Consequently, we prefer to apply it to one to two panels at a time using an Auto Finesse Waxmate XL (which spreads a thinner, more even layer of product) and to buff it off straight away using a PB Deluxe Buffing Towel. Whichever method you choose, try to avoid getting it on unpainted trims, but if you do be sure to wipe it off straight away, otherwise staining may occur.