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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

SOFT99 Glaco Glass Compound Roll On

by SOFT99

We Say

Glass Polishes not only deep clean your vehicles glass but also prepare it perfectly for the application of a glass sealant or coating. Un-polished glass will see glass coatings fail much sooner than anticipated due to them not getting a good bond. SOFT99 Glaco Glass Compound solves this issue and what's even better is the applicator is built into the bottle, so no need for additional applicators, just like Ultra Glaco Glass Sealant.

Key Features

Cleaning Strength10/10(Compared To Others)
Cut Level1/10(Compared To Others)
Safe For Privacy GlassYes(i.e. OEM Factory Tints)


SOFT99 Glaco Glass Compound is a deep cleaning glass polish perfect for not only improving clarity but also preparing for the application of glass sealants or coatings. Similar to Ultra Glaco, this comes with a built in applicator, so using this product couldn't be any easier. Shake, take the cap off and polish away!


More Information
Cleaning Strength
Contains Chemical Cleaners Yes
Cut Level
Size 100 ml & 100 ml
Suitable For Exterior Use Yes
Suitable For Hand Use Yes
Suitable For Interior Use No

How To Use

Ensure glass is clean and dry before application. Shake well and remove the plastic caps. Apply felt pad to glass, gently squeeze the bottle and proceed to polish the glass. Continue to polish until glass is clean and finally rinse the glass well to remove remaining polish residue.