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SOFT99 4-X Tire Cleaner

by SOFT99

We Say

SOFT99 4-X Tire Cleaner is the first all in one tyre cleaner and dressing we've used and it's really rather good! We were a little sceptical to start with, as spray on tyre products are often messy. However, thanks to its light foaming action, SOFT99 4-X Tire Cleaner stays mostly where you spray it, so as long as you apply it accurately it isn't really any messier to work with than a wipe-on dressing (any overspray on to the rim is easily removed with a microfibre towel). Its cleaning action is quite potent, meaning it removes old dressing residues with ease, and its durability is good too; each application usually lasts for a minimum of two weeks, even in wet weather.

Key Features

Adds ProtectionYes(UV Absorbers)
Durability2 Weeks +(Average Value)
Shine Level4/10(Single Coat)


SOFT99 4-X Tire Cleaner is an all in one tyre cleaner and dressing supplied in an aerosol can. As it is dispensed it forms a light foamy mousse that clings to the tyre surface. As it dwells in situ special solvents dissolve old dressing residues while two different high viscosity silicone resins adhere firmly to the freshly cleaned surface, producing an attractive low-key finish that will last for up to two weeks at a time under typical British weather conditions. Unlike many low cost tyre dressings, SOFT99 4-X Tire Cleaner dries quickly after application and does not attract dust and grime, meaning your tyres will stay cleaner looking for longer in between treatments.


More Information
Adds Protection Yes
Chemical Basis Solvent-based
Contains UV Absorbers Yes
Dangerous Goods Y
Darkening Effect Yes
Durability 2 weeks +
Layerable No
Shine Level
Size 470 ml
Suitable For Rubber surfaces

How To Use

Although SOFT99 4-X Tire Cleaner is a cleaner as well as a dressing, it works best when everyday soiling has been removed, so we recommend washing and drying your tyres before use. For best results, shake the can thoroughly and then, working from a distance of 6 - 8, spray a generous amount of product on to each tyre in a fluid clockwise motion starting from the top. Wipe off any overspray or drips on to the rim immediately using a PB Utility Towel, and then allow the product to dwell on the tyre surface for 1-2 minutes before gently wiping the tyre down with a PB Utility Towel (the wiping action helps to remove old dressing residues dissolved by the cleaner). After wiping down gently, leave the remaining dressing to dry fully for 10 minutes before driving.