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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Scratch Shield Bucket Filter


We Say

In our opinion bucket filters (commonly referred to as grit guards) are not essential for safe washing; for the last ten years we've worked without them, instead relying on clear wash buckets and good technique to make our routine washes safe. However, we acknowledge that they can be useful if you like to store brushes and mitts in your buckets as your work (as the filter keeps them safely suspended above the dirt and grime that accumulates in the bottom), and that they do no harm as long as you use them sensibly and continue to work carefully. Thus, if you want the extra reassurance they offer, look no further than the Scratch Shield Bucket Filter, which fits both our Clear Wash Bucket and the Swissvax Smart Bucket perfectly.

Key Features

Diameter238 mm(At Widest Point)
Height65 mm(With Legs Installed)
Maximum Water Temperature60°C(Do Not Exceed)


The Scratch Shield Bucket Filter fits circular buckets with a diameter of 238 mm or more (as measured 65 mm upwards from the base) and is designed to help reduce the chances of marring and scratches being inflicted during the wash process. It does this in two ways. Firstly, it provides a slotted surface against which you can gently rub your wash mitt whenever you go to rinse it out or soak up fresh suds. This action encourages particles of dirt and grime to be released, and thus helps to keep your mitt cleaner as you work. Secondly, it traps said particles of dirt and grime in the bottom of the bucket, and helps to prevent them from being stirred up and transferred back on to your wash mitt and, ergo, the exterior of your car.


More Information
Capacity n/a
Construction Nylon
Maximum Water Temperature 60°C
Scratch Shield Compatible n/a

How To Use

Assemble in line with the supplied instructions, making sure you install the numbered legs in a clockwise order. We recommend using the two bucket method whenever you wash your car. The idea is to load your wash mitt with suds from a bucket containing a shampoo solution, wash one panel of your car (starting with the roof and working down) and then rinse out your mitt thoroughly in a second bucket containing plain water (to release any trapped particles of dirt), before then reloading your mitt with suds and moving on to the next panel. It's a simple concept, but highly effective in terms of reducing the amount of marring that is caused by particles of dirt and grime being rubbed over underlying surfaces as you wash your car.