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We Say

The Gyeon PRISM Plus is an outstanding work light, but mounting it on the SCANGRIP TRIPOD may not work well for you if you tend to do a lot of your detailing work sat on a rolling workshop stool (lifting a heavy tripod with a work light mounted on top is not easy or wise if you're sat down). Instead, you should invest in the SCANGRIP WHEEL STAND, as it will convert your Gyeon PRISM Plus into a rolling lighting rig that you can quickly and easily position as you move around on your rolling workshop stool.

Key Features

ConstructionSteel(Dominant Material)
Height (Min)0.7 m(Approximate Value)
Height (Max)1.9 m(Approximate Value)


The SCANGRIP WHEEL STAND is designed to enable mobile positioning of the Gyeon PRISM Plus in both indoor and outdoor work spaces. With its adjustable height range of 0.7 m to 1.9 m, the SCANGRIP WHEEL STAND enables this work light to be mounted at a wide range of heights and angles, with the lowest height setting being particularly beneficial when working along the sides of cars. The SCANGRIP WHEEL STAND is made out of durable powder coated steel, and features three durable wheels that roll easily even on uneven surfaces.


More Information
Construction Powder-coated steel

How To Use

The SCANGRIP WHEEL STAND features a direct mounting point for a single Gyeon PRISM Plus work light, and should be used in line with the supplied instructions. If you wish to mount two of these work lights on the wheel stand, you can do so using the SCANGRIP DUAL BRACKET (sold separately). You should avoid running over any cables as you move the wheel stand around; in line with this, we recommend using cable ties to loosely secure the work light power cable to the base of the pole and to the end of the arm with the non-lockable wheel.