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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*



We Say

A built-in stand ensures that the Gyeon PRISM Plus works brilliantly when stood on the floor or a mobile workstation, but there are still times when mounting it at head height or above is necessary (e.g. when working on roofs and bonnets). The SCANGRIP TRIPOD enables you to do this quickly and easily, and is incredibly safe and sturdy (it's honestly built like a tank), making it worth every penny.

Key Features

ConstructionSteel(Dominant Material)
Height (Min)1.35 m(Approximate Value)
Height (Max)3.0 m(Approximate Value)


With its adjustable height range of 1.35 m to 3 m, the SCANGRIP TRIPOD enables the Gyeon PRISM Plus to be mounted at a wide range of heights and angles. This is a godsend for detailers, for whom flexible work space illumination is critical. The SCANGRIP TRIPOD is made of durable powder coated steel (making it suitable for use indoors and out), and features power cable clips on each of the legs.


More Information
Construction Powder-coated steel

How To Use

The SCANGRIP TRIPOD features a direct mounting point for a single Gyeon PRISM Plus work light, and should be set up and used in line with the supplied instructions. If you wish to mount two of these work lights on the tripod, you can do so using the SCANGRIP DUAL BRACKET (sold separately). Be sure to make use of the built-in cable clips on the legs, as this eliminates a potentially serious trip hazard.