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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Scangrip I-Match 2


We Say

The Scangrip I-Match 2 is a very useful tool when carrying out many detailing tasks from paint correction, to engine bay detailing to interior cleaning. Whilst the light does feature a manual power button it also has a sensor mode which enables you to turn the I-Match 2 on and off with the wave of your hand in front of the light. It features different colour temperatures and brightness levels to deliver the perfect light for the task in hand.

Key Features

Colour Temperature4500/6500 K(Warm White/Cold White)
Light Output160 lm(Luminous Flux)
Warranty3 Year(Return To Base)


The Scangrip I-Match 2 provides superior hands-free illumination for any detailing task such as paint correction, cleaning engine bays, interior detailing and more! The I-Match 2 comes with the latest COB LED technology, providing a powerful, uniform illumination. The I-Match 2 can be manually switched on or off or you can enable sensor mode which allows you to wave you hand in front of the torch to power it on, even when wearing gloves. It features variable colour temperature, 2 lumen output options (50% & 100%) and a rechargeable battery. Being the most comprehensive and sophisticated of its kind in the world, the new generation SCANGRIP lights for the painting industry are made for colour matching, detailing and general paint work and are usable everywhere a painted surface needs inspection. With our lighting solutions for the painting industry, we're making use of the CRI+ term defined as an average of all 15 R-values. This is the only correct definition of the CRI value to be used for accurate and reliable colour recognition.


More Information
AC-Powered No
Battery Type 1 x 1600 mAh (Li-poly)
Battery-Powered Yes
Cable Length n/a
Colour Temperature 4500 K or 6500 K
Light Intensity (Illuminance) 300 - 500 lux at 0.5 m
Light Output (Luminous Flux) 160 lm
Net Weight 130 g
Plug Type USB (for charging only)
Running Time 5 hours
Voltage 3.8 V
Warranty 3 year return to base

How To Use

Before using the SCANGRIP I-Match 2 for the first time, charge the internal battery fully using the supplied USB charging cable. Full charge is achieved when the charging indicator turns green; this usually takes less than an hour from new, as the SCANGRIP I-Match 2 is supplied partially charged. In future, recharge the SCANGRIP I-Match 2 as and when required; this typically takes around 4 hours from a flat state. Please note that you should never store the SCANGRIP I-Match 2 with a flat battery, as it could become over-discharged and impossible to reuse. In line with this, if you don't intend to use your SCANGRIP I-Match 2 for a long period of time (i.e. several months or more), make sure you recharge it fully every 30 days or so, to ensure that the battery remains in good condition. On a more general note, we recommend switching between the two different colour temperatures when checking paint correction work, as they highlight paint defects differently depending on the colour of the finish. You will find it easier to spot defects (particularly marring and holograms) if you stand back slightly and sweep the beam over the bodywork from a distance of 50 - 100 cm.