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Rupes - Compound & Polish Sample Set


We Say

The Rupes Compound & Polish Sample Set features smaller sizes of 4 of their popular polishing compounds giving you the chance to try the range before committing to a bigger bottle. The 125ml bottles included in the set are more than enough to polish a car giving you are great opportunity to get used to the range and how the individual products work.

The compounds are colour-coded to match the Rupes DA Pads. Blue for coarse, yellow for fine, and white for ultra-fine. DA Coarse will handle heavier defects such as swirl marks and oxidation. DA Fine will handle lighter defects such as holograms and leave the paint looking nice and glossy. The UNO range is for fine finishing but the products vary slightly. UNO Pure is a pure ultra-fine polish, UNO Protect is an ultra-fine polish but with added protection.


The new Compound & Polish Sample Pack for D-A Polishers contains four 125ml bottles of RUPES most popular polishing compounds from the D-A System and UNO ranges. The Compound & Polish Sample Pack is designed to introduce our polishing compounds to those who may not have experienced the amazing performance of the latest high-performance formulas.


  • D-A COARSE (1 bottle – 125ml) – D-A COARSE is ideal for users who want fast removal of moderate to severe defects and a smooth user experience. Use with any of the RUPES D-A Coarse pads for strong cutting and impressive finishing on any type of painted surface.
  • D-A FINE (1 bottle – 125ml) – D-A Fine Polishing Compound delivers moderate defect removal along with an incredible finish quality on most paints. The formula has been tuned for easy wipe-off and an optimized user experience with any of the yellow D-A System Pads.
  • UNO PURE (1 bottle – 125ml) – UNO PURE is an ultra- finishing polish designed for very soft or haze-prone paints to create a show car finish, even on dark colors. Pair with any of the RUPES White D-A System pads and experienced class-leading finishing performance.
  • UNO PROTECT (1 bottle – 125ml) – UNO PROTECT is an all-in- one polish and sealant that removes moderate defects and leaves a high-gloss, protected finish, in just one- step. UNO PROTECT offers a pad-dependent cut and finish, so pair it with any RUPES pad to suit your specific application.