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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

RUPES BigFoot Cable Clamp


We Say

Managing power tool cables can be challenging, particularly when they are long. Improper coiling is prone to creating tangles and stressing the wires, which can lead to premature failure. To avoid this, we recommend coiling power cables using the over-under method, and then securing them neatly with a RUPES BigFoot Cable Clamp.

Key Features

Diameter50 mm(Internal)
Pack Size1 clamp(Use One Per Cable)


The RUPES BigFoot Cable Clamp is a ratcheting cable management clip designed to keep your polisher's power cable neatly bundled during storage. Compact in size, but adjustable to suit both small and large bundles of cable, the RUPES BigFoot Cable Clamp is inexpensive and easy to use, and helps to keep power cables in optimal condition.


More Information
Construction Polypropylene

How To Use

We recommend coiling power cables using alternating overhand and underhand loops, as this will work in harmony with the natural coil of the cables, and prevent them from twisting and becoming tangled (for a visual overview, search for how to coil a power cable properly on YouTube). Once coiled, secure the bundle neatly with the clamp.