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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Purestar Towel Bag


We Say

A dedicated towel bag may seem a little over the top for many people but, it makes sense. Premium buffing and drying towels are not cheap and it can be quite easy to spend hundreds on towels. You want to look after those towels, not only because you don't want to damage your car, but they cost you a lot of money. This Towel Bag is ideal as it's transparent sides help you see inside, yet the towels are securely kept away from the elements, ready for their next use. Need to quickly take the towels out on a job or to a car show? not to worry, they are in your towel bag and ready to go.

Key Features

Capacity30 L(Approximate Value)
ConstructionPCV(Heavy Duty)
Non-Slip BaseNo(Plain Bottom)


The Purestar Towel Bag is available in two finishes. A Dark tint and an Hologram style finish. The bag is made from strong, waterproof PVC and features carry handles and a shoulder strap. It has around 30L of capacity and can hold many drying, buffing and general purpose towel, as well as applicators and brushes.


More Information
Capacity 30 L
Carrying Style Handles and shoulder strap
Construction PCV / PVC
Non-Slip Base No

How To Use

Care instructions: (i) wipe clean with a damp microfibre towel, and; (ii) make sure all applicators and towels are completely dry before storing them, otherwise mildew may set in.