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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Purestar Ceramic Applicators (12 Pack)


We Say

These handy little microfibre applicators are perfect for applying coatings and ensure even coverage. The even have a plastic liner to prevent the coatings soaking through the material.

Key Features

Diameter/Length80 mm(Approximate Value)
Flexibility10/10(Compared To Others)
WashableNo(Discard After Use)


Purestar Ceramic Applicators are fine microfibre applicators perfect for the application of ceramic coatings. These applicators ensure even application and feature a pocket for your fingers and a plastic liner to prevent coatings soaking through.


More Information
Construction Microfibre
Size Pack of 12
Washable No (discard after use)

How To Use

Simply remove from packet when required, saturate in your desired coating and apply as necessary.