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PB Micro-Restore

by PB

We Say

If you're a car care enthusiast you can never have too many microfibre towels, as they play a role in almost every detailing process. However, good quality microfibre towels are expensive so unless you have more money than sense it pays to look after them properly. To do this, you should machine wash them after each use using PB Micro-Restore. Unlike mainstream soap powders, PB Micro-Restore dissolves fully and doesn't leave hardened soap crystals lodged in your towels. Moreover, PB Micro-Restore contains no bleach or fabric softeners, both of which damage the structure of microfibre fabrics over time. Using PB Micro-Restore therefore helps to keep your microfibre towels in tip-top condition for as long as possible.

Key Features

Cleaning Strength8/10(Compared To Others)
Recommended Dosage30 ml(Per Half Load)


PB Micro-Restore is a non-biological liquid detergent formulated specifically for cleaning microfibre towels and applicator pads. A carefully selected blend of surfactants and emulsifiers safely dissolve and lift away oil- and wax-based residues, while water softeners neutralise the negative effects of hard water and ensure all residues are fully rinsed away. Unlike domestic laundry products, PB Micro-Restore is completely free of bleaching agents and fabric softeners, both of which damage the structure of microfibre materials over time. Instead, PB Micro-Restore cleans safely and effectively, and preserves the as-new performance of microfibre towels and applicator pads over dozens and dozens of wash cycles.


More Information
Chemical Basis Detergent-based
Cleaning Strength
Recommended Dosage 30 ml (for a half load in an 8 kg machine)
pH 14 (alkaline)

How To Use

In addition to microfibre products, PB Micro-Restore is also ideal for cleaning lambswool wash mitts and foam polishing pads. For half loads in front loading washing machines rated up to 8 kg, add 30 ml of product to the soap drawer and select a cycle with a maximum temperature of 40°C and a maximum spin speed of 1000 rpm (use 60 ml for full loads). After washing, hang your microfibre towels and pads to dry naturally on a line or tumble dry them on a cool heat setting (avoid placing them on or in front of radiators and other strong sources of heat, as this will shrink their polyamide content and thus reduce their softness and absorbency).