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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

PB Foam Gun

by PB

We Say

In essence, a foam gun is any device that attaches to a standard hose pipe and mixes a detergent-based product with the flow of water to produce thick clinging foam. The idea behind applying a blanket of foam to the car in advance of normal washing is simple and the benefits are obvious. If you apply a cleaning solution to dirty surfaces and enable it to cling in situ for several minutes, the cleaning agents have longer to work and therefore dissolve and suspend more dirt and grime. As a result, a lot more dirt and grime washes off during the subsequent pre-wash rinse, leaving relatively clean surfaces behind ready for a two bucket wash by hand. Clearly, the major benefit is that the bulk of the dirt and grime is removed before there is any contact with the car, which reduces the risk of inflicting marring during the hand-washing process. Although it's no match for a foam lance attached to a pressure washer, our Foam Gun is the next best choice.

Key Features

Adjustable Spray PatternNo(Fixed Arc)
Capacity900 ml(To Maximum Fill Line)
Foaming Potential6/10(Compared To Others)


The PB Foam Gun offers excellent performance at a reasonable price point and is built to last. The main connector is constructed from solid brass, giving it excellent long-lasting performance and durability. The pistol grip, foaming tip, injector head lid and hoselock connector are all made of heavy duty polypropylene, while the bottle itself is made of chemically-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The multi-ratio injector head lid offers six settings to adjust the dilution rate from 300:1 to 10:1 (flow from hose:flow from reservoir) and built-in filters ensure any sediment in the water supply is removed before it reaches your car. An anti-siphon valve protects the water supply by preventing the snow foam solution from being drawn back into the hose (when the water supply is turned off, you may notice a small discharge of water from the base of the grip; this is normal and indicates that the anti-siphon valve is functioning properly).


More Information
Adjustable Flow Rate Yes
Adjustable Spray Pattern No
Capacity 900 ml
Chemically Resistant Yes
Construction Brass connector, polypropylene body and high-density polyethylene bottle
Foaming Potential
Maximum Water Temperature 60°C

How To Use

Assemble according to the supplied instructions, making sure that the hoselock connector is nipped up tightly enough to form a leak-free seal, but not so tight as to damage the plastic thread. To use, unscrew the bottle and pour in a suitably diluted snow foam solution (we provide recommended dilution ratios for all of the snow foams we sell; see the Specification section on the relevant product pages for details). Then refit the bottle and shake the unit gently to mix the solution before finally attaching it to the pistol grip. Finally, aim the gun at the car and squeeze the trigger, adjusting the top dial on the injector head lid until you achieve the desired foam thickness. If your water pressure is extremely low or your tap water is extremely hard then relatively few suds may be produced, even on the highest foam setting. In such situations, a more concentrated mixture of the snow foam usually fixes the issue; try doubling it first.