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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

PA Foam Lance

by PA

We Say

In our opinion, the PA Foam Lance is the best foam lance on the market, because the level of performance it offers is second to none and it is available with a wide range of fittings for most popular makes of pressure washer. In essence, a foam lance is any device that attaches to a pressure washer and mixes a detergent-based product with the flow of water to produce thick clinging foam. The idea behind applying a blanket of foam to the car in advance of normal washing is simple and the benefits are obvious. If you apply a cleaning solution to dirty surfaces and enable it to cling in situ for several minutes, the cleaning agents have longer to work and therefore dissolve and suspend more dirt and grime. As a result, a lot more dirt and grime washes off during the subsequent pre-wash rinse, leaving relatively clean surfaces behind ready for a two bucket wash by hand. Clearly, the major benefit is that the bulk of the dirt and grime is removed before there is any contact with the car, which reduces the risk of inflicting marring during the hand-washing process. Many pressure washer manufacturers make foam lance attachments for their units, but none produce foam that is anywhere near as thick or effective as that produced by the PA Foam Lance; it really has to be seen to be believed!

Key Features

Adjustable Spray PatternYes(Variable Arc)
Capacity1 L(To Maximum Fill Line)
Foaming Potential10/10(Compared To Others)


The PA Foam Lance is manufactured in Italy and is built to last. The foam lance body is made of solid brass, which ensures that is extremely strong and durable. Most of the internal components are also made of solid brass, with the rest comprising stainless steel and heavy duty nylon. With the exception of the Karcher (K) option, all of the fittings are made of either solid brass or stainless steel, and connect to the injector head either directly or via a short stainless steel extension pipe. The adjustable foaming tip is made of heavy duty nylon (as is the Karcher (K) fitting), while the generously-sized bottle is made from chemically-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The solid brass piston assembly offers highly flexible dilution rate adjustability via a large top-mounted control dial, which allows you to fine tune the thickness of foam produced (clockwise for thicker foam, anti-clockwise for thinner foam). You'll be amazed by the performance of the PA Foam Lance, and once you have adopted it into your wash routine you won't look back. Note that as long as you flush it out properly after each use (see the How To Use section) and don't damage the piston assembly (by forcibly turning the control dial beyond its stops), the PA Foam Lance should give you years of trouble-free use. However, it is worth stripping it down carefully and cleaning it out thoroughly on an annual basis.


More Information
Adjustable Flow Rate Yes
Adjustable Spray Pattern Yes
Capacity 1 L
Chemically Resistant Yes
Construction Brass body, heavy duty nylon coverings and high-density polyethylene bottle
Foaming Potential
Maximum Water Temperature 60°C

How To Use

The PA Foam Lance is supplied pre-assembled and ready for use, but as a safety precaution we recommend that a quick inspection is undertaken before each use to ensure that all parts are nipped up tightly enough to withstand pressurised flow from the pressure washer. To use, unscrew the bottle and pour in a suitably diluted snow foam solution (we provide recommended dilution ratios for all of the snow foams we sell; see the Specification section on the relevant product pages for details). Then refit the bottle and shake the unit gently to mix the solution before finally attaching it to the trigger handle of your pressure washer (double checking that the connection is locked in properly). Finally, aim the lance at your car and squeeze the trigger, adjusting the top dial until you achieve the desired foam thickness (clockwise for thick foam, anti-clockwise for thinner foam). After use, remove the bottle and, with the foam lance body still attached to the trigger handle, run your pressure washer for a minute or so (with the top dial turned all the way anti-clockwise and the lance pointing away from your car). This will flush out the internal wire filter and prevent any foam residue from drying within it (which otherwise has the potential to disrupt foaming performance in the long run).