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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Nanolex SiShield

by Nanolex

We Say

Nanolex SiShield is highly durable coating, capable of lasting for up to 20,000 miles but is incredibly easy to use, making it perfect for those new to ceramic coating. SiShield features all the usual perks of a coating such as increidble water beading and self cleaning, fantastic chemical resistance and protection against UV rays.

Key Features

Beading7/10(Compared To Others)
Durability20000 Miles(Average Value)
Slickness8/10(Compared To Others)


Nanolex SiShield is a ceramic coating which will protect not only paintwork, but also wheels and trim. SiShield is super user friendly with easy application being one of the feature of this coating. Si Shield provides long lasting protection against light marring and scratches, UV rays, dirt and grime for you vehicle and the impressive beading and self cleaning properties ensure cleaning is just as easy as application.


More Information
Adds Protection Yes
Application Method By hand only
Durability 20,000 Miles
Enhances Gloss Yes
Recommended For All paint types and colours
Trim-Safe Yes

How To Use

Processing temperature: 5-30°C - Avoid direct sunlight and/or high air humidity.

Nanolex SiShield can be applied directly to all clear-coated (lacquered) surfaces. The lacquer surface must be dry and free of any contamination or dust. We strongly recommend to use Nanolex EX directly before the application to make sure that all oils/fillers and other dirt are removed completely from the surface. Use Nanolex microfiber towels and turn or exchange cloth frequently during cleaning/polishing.

If the car was machine polished before the application it is absolutely necessary to remove any (mostly invisible) fillers and oils – if those are not removed a white or grey hazing will appear on the paint once SiShield was applied. The paint sealant layer itself is too thin to be visible and can easily buffed off – only fillers and oils will become visible. We recommend to wash the car with Nanolex PreWash after the paint was machine polished to safely remove the majority of the contamination.

Spread 5-10 drops/m2 of Nanolex SiShield on a microfiber applicator pad and apply it sparingly by rubbing in with light pressure in criss-cross motions. Remove the coating residue with a soft microfiber cloth after a maximum of 3 minutes. There is no pressure necessary to remove it completely.

Let Nanolex SiShield cure on the surface for at least 12 hours (at ambient temperature, assuming 20°C) before the first water contact. Do not wash the car within the first 72 hours.

Curing time depending on temperature: @50°C: 3-4 hours @80°C: 2 hours