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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Nanolex Mixing Spray Bottle 750ml

by Nanolex

We Say

When you buy your Nanolex products in bulk, or any products in bulk for that matter, there's a good chance it will need decanting or diluting into a spray bottle. This is where the Nanolex Mixing Spray Bottle comes in to play. Simply add your desired product, dilute if required and get to work.

Key Features

Adjustable Spray PatternNo
Capacity750 ml(To Maximum Fill Line)
Chemically ResistantYes(Avoid Strong Chemicals)


The Nanolex Mixing Spray Bottle is ideal for decanting or diluting your bulk detailing products in to. Suitable for use with most detailing products with the exception of very solvent heavy products such as tar removers as these may cause the seals to fail prematurely on the spray trigger.


More Information
Adjustable Spray Pattern No
Capacity 750 ml
Chemically Resistant Yes

How To Use

Simply decant or dilute your desired product into the bottle, attach the trigger and get to work. Whilst the bottle and trigger are chemical resistant, the seals in the trigger can fail prematurely when used with heavy solvent products such as tar removers.