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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Microfiber Madness Waxing Moon Deluxe Pads


We Say

Microfiber Madness Waxing Moon Deluxe Pads build upon the simple design of the Microfiber Madness Waxing Moon Pads by incorporating a deep finger pocket. This pocket makes the pads much easier to hold, and greatly reduces the chances of accidentally dropping them during use. However, the best feature is that this finger pocket is fully reversible (i.e. it can be folded over on to the other side of the pad), meaning you can use both sides of each pad with the pocket.

Key Features

Diameter/Length125 mm(Approximate Value)
Flexibility7/10(Compared To Others)
WashableYes(Hand Or Machine)


Microfiber Madness Waxing Moon Deluxe Pads feature a ridiculously soft, ultra-short, 75:25 (polyester:polyamide) weave and a reversible finger pocket. The uniform nature of this weave enables thin and even product application on almost all automotive surfaces, making Microfiber Madness Waxing Moon Deluxe Pads perfect for all application duties. The finger pocket is a neat addition that improves their performance further, and helps to prevent them from being accidentally dropped.


More Information
Construction 75% polyester, 25% polyamide (colour may vary)
Promo Offer BUY 3 OR MORE SAVE 5%
Size Pack of 2
Washable Yes (hand or machine)

How To Use

Care instructions: (i) wash after each use in a washing machine at a low temperature (40°C) using a non-biological liquid detergent (avoid soap powders and detergents containing bleach or fabric softeners); (ii) allow to dry naturally on a line or tumble dry on a cool heat setting (avoid radiators and other sources of high heat), and; (iii) store in a dry, dust-free environment while not in use (lidded plastic storage boxes are ideal in this respect).