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Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2200 (PO234)


We Say

Heavily swirled scratch-resistant clearcoats can be quite difficult to correct, even if the defects don't appear to be very deep. Why? Because such paints are physically very hard, and medium strength polishes aren't always robust enough to cut them effectively. Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2200 (PO234) solves this problem by swapping out fragile aluminium oxide particles for robust precision-milled diminishing abrasives. These also work well on conventional intermediate and hard paint finishes without prematurely breaking down, meaning that you'll make good progress in no time at all.

Key Features

Cut Level8/10(Compared To Others)
Filling Power0/10(Compared To Others)
Gloss Level8/10(Compared To Others)


Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2200 (PO234) is a medium cutting compound designed to remove moderate to severe paint defects, including swirl marks and light scratches. It's ideal for correction work on modern ceramic nano-particle and scratch-resistant clearcoats, and produces great results on intermediate and hard conventional paint finishes too. It works by using precision-milled diminishing abrasives to cut away a very thin layer of paint. Long-lasting lubricants maximise its working time, while its filler-free formula ensures that defect removal is permanent rather than temporary.


More Information
Adds Protection No
Chemical Basis Water-based
Contains Abrasive Particles Yes (diminishing)
Contains Fillers And Glazing Oils No
Cut Level
Gloss Level
Suitable For Hand Use No
Suitable For Hard Paints Yes
Suitable For Intermediate Paints Yes
Suitable For Machine Use Yes
Suitable For Soft Paints No

How To Use

Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2200 (PO234) should only be applied by machine. For best results using a dual action polisher, it should be applied to freshly decontaminated paint using either a Gyeon Q²M Eccentric Cutting Pad or a Gyeon Q²M Eccentric Polishing Pad. Only 3-4 pea-sized drops of product are required per 18 x 18 area, and these should be worked in thoroughly at 4000-5000 orbits per minute (speed 4-5 on most dual action polishers) until only a thin oily residue remains. This residue should then be buffed off carefully using a PB Super Buffing Towel.