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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Gyeon Q²M WheelCovers

by Gyeon

We Say

For many years we've always used large bin bags to cover wheels to protect them against dust and splashes during major multi-day details. While this works fine, it's wasteful and doesn't look very professional. Gyeon Q²M Wheel Covers are a much better option, as they fit more snugly, offer more protection and look the part!

Key Features

ConstructionPolyester(Dominant Material)
Diameter800 mm(Approximate Value)
Water ResistantYes(Do Not Soak)


Gyeon Q²M WheelCovers are the perfect solution for protecting your wheels when your are detailing the rest of your car or when they are in storage. Comprising a durable polyester and heavy duty clips to ensure a snug fit, your wheels will be protected against dust and splashes. Four covers are supplied in each pack.


More Information
Construction 100% polyester
Size Pack of 4
Solvent Resistant Yes
Water Resistant Yes

How To Use

Ensure your wheels are spotlessly clean and dry before fitting Gyeon Q²M WheelCovers to them. Slip each cover over the wheel and then connect the clips around the back to ensure a snug fit. Care instructions: (i) hand wash at 30°C, and; (ii) allow to dry naturally (do not tumble dry or hang on a radiator).