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Gyeon Q2M PPF Wash

by Gyeon

We Say

Gyeon Q2M PPF Wash combines a super slick shampoo with an iron fallout remover to give your vehicles vinyl wrap or paint protection film a deep clean, keeping it performing at it's best throughout its lifespan.

Key Features

Cleaning Strength10/10(Compared To Others)
Recommended Dosage30 ml(In A PB Clear Wash Bucket)
Sudsiness7/10(Compared To Others)


Gyeon Q2M PPF Wash is an all in one car shampoo and decontamination product designed specifically for vinyl wrap and paint protection film. Q2M PPF Wash deep cleans, helping to restore the original properties of the film on the vehicle, capable of removing dirt and grime as well as ferrous deposits.


More Information
Adds Protection No
Chemical Basis Detergent-based
Cleaning Strength
Enhances Gloss No
Recommended Dilution Ratio 500:1 (water:product)
Recommended Dosage 30 ml (in a PB Clear Wash Bucket)
Size 400 ml & 1L
Strips Coatings No
Strips Sealants And Waxes No
pH 6 (acidic)

How To Use

You can use Q²M PPF WASH as a shampoo but also as a foaming agent - pour 30ml mixed with 500ml in your foam gun of choice. Spray liberally, let it dwell for 2 min and rinse heavily. It is safe to be used on all exterior surfaces, including rims and wheel arches.