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Gyeon Q² AntiFog

by Gyeon

We Say

Anti-fog coatings are rarely well received in detailing circles, as many have hitherto proven to be difficult to work with and not very effective. In particular, many users have suffered from incurable smearing, recurrent hazing and distracting filminess with the current crop of products on the market. Gyeon set out to specifically address these issues when formulating their coating, and Q² AntiFog is the result. We were extremely sceptical before we started testing it, not only because of the usual issues associated with anti-fog coatings, but also because fogging doesn't seem to be much of an issue for most drivers these days, thanks to more advanced climate control systems. However, after buying a daily driver with manual air conditioning, we quickly realised that it is for some! In terms of application, Gyeon Q² AntiFog is simple to apply and it’s not difficult to achieve perfect smear-free results. If you buff it off too soon you might see some fresh hazing appear, but this is easily fixed by allowing it to dry for longer and then buffing again. The anti-fog performance is readily apparent and certainly improves visibility, even at times when saturation occurs. Aim to reapply it every two months for best results.

Key Features

Durability2 Months +(Average Value)
Safe For Privacy GlassYes(i.e. OEM Factory Tints)
Safe For Window TintsYes(i.e. Aftermarket Films)


Fogging arises when dampness brought into your car in the air and on your clothes condenses on cold glass surfaces. Although this issue can occur all year round, it is most common during the winter months, when the temperature difference between inside and outside is greatest. Gyeon Q² AntiFog is a glass coating containing super hydrophilic, i.e. water-loving, ingredients. These ingredients attract and absorb water, spreading it evenly over the surface of the coating. This helps to prevent freshly forming water droplets from becoming large enough to become visible. In extreme cases, when so much moisture is absorbed that saturation occurs, satisfactory visibility is still maintained compared to fogginess on untreated windows. Gyeon Q² AntiFog thus improves driving comfort and safety, particularly during periods of cold damp weather during the winter months; you should use it in conjunction with Gyeon Q² View on your exterior glass for maximum effectiveness. Gyeon Q² AntiFog is currently supplied as a pre-packed kit containing a 120 ml bottle of Gyeon Q² AntiFog, a Gyeon Q²M Applicator Block, four Gyeon Q²M Applicator Suedes, a small Gyeon Q²M Suede and an instruction booklet.


More Information
Application Method By hand only
Chemical Basis Surfactant-based
Durability 2 months +
Emits Strong Fumes No
Layerable No
Safe For Privacy Glass Yes
Safe For Window Tints Yes
Size 120 ml Kit

How To Use

Gyeon Q² AntiFog should be applied in dry conditions out of direct sunlight. To achieve the quoted durability and performance benefits it is necessary to properly clean the surfaces to be treated in advance. To do this, use Gyeon Q²M Glass to remove any obvious soiling and then immediately follow up with Gyeon Q²M Prep to remove any lingering traces of residual grease and grime (put simply, the cleaner the glass is before the coating is applied, the better it will perform). Before applying the coating, shake the bottle well to ensure that the contents are fully mixed. Next, soak one of the supplied Gyeon Q²M Applicator Suedes with product, wrap it around the supplied Gyeon Q²M Applicator Block and then work the product in to the surfaces to be treated in a criss-cross fashion, using firm pressure. The resulting film should be left to dry for a minimum of 5 minutes before being buffed off with the supplied Gyeon Q²M Suede. Note that if you buff too soon a haze may reappear; if this happens leave the coating to dry for a further 5 minutes before buffing again.