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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Gtechniq C6 Matte Dash AB


We Say

Gtechniq C6 Matte Dash AB is a great way to quickly dress and protect interior components such as vinyl, plastic and rubberised finishes. It leaves behind abrasion resistance and UV protection whilst killing 99.9% of bacteria and leaving a factory fresh matte finish.

Key Features

Adds ProtectionYes(UV Absorbers)
Durability4 Months(Average Value)
Anti-BacterialYes(Kills 99.9% Of Bacteria)


Gtechniq C6 Matte Dash is designed to protect dashboards, door cards and more on your vehicles interior, including vinyl, plastics and rubberised finishes. C6 Adds abrasion resistance and UV protection. C6 Also features added Biocote antimicrobial technology, meaning treated surfaces kill 99.9% of bacteria. C6 leaves behind a factory fresh matte finish and will not affect gloss levels of your vehicles trim.


More Information
Adds Protection Yes
Contains UV Absorbers Yes
Darkening Effect No
Durability 4 months
Size 100 ml
Suitable For Plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces

How To Use

Shake well before use and wear gloves. Ensure surfaces are clean and dry before use. Gtechniq I2 is an excellent interior cleaner for the job. Spray C6 Matte Dash on to a Gtechniq AP3 Applicator and work into the surface. Remove any residue with a clean microfibre towel.