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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Gtechniq AP2 Ultra Soft Foam Applicator


We Say

The Gtechniq AP2 is an ultra soft foam applicator perfect for applying coatings. The super soft applicator is gentle on the paint and spreads coatings evenly. The pouch to the rear makes it comfortable to use also.

Key Features

Diameter/Length80 mm(Approximate Value)
Flexibility6/10(Compared To Others)
MaterialMicrofibre(Foam Filled)


The Gtechniq AP2 applicator is an ultra soft, foam filled microfibre applicator perfect for applying ceramic coatings and also dressings. It features a pouch to the rear so the applicator can comfortably fit over your fingers for ease of use.


More Information
Diameter 80mm
Depth 10mm
Material Microfibre exterior with foam filled inner

How To Use

Use of this applicator varies heavily on the type of coating used with it and as such we can't offer much advice on general use.