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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

EZ Detail Go EZ Brush


We Say

In cases where inner rims are thick with baked on brake dust, normal wheel brushes are sometimes too flexible and soft to dislodge it, even with strong chemical assistance. This is where the EZ Detail Go EZ Brush comes in handy. Unlike the other wheel cleaning brushes in the EZ Detail line up, which are flexible and soft, the Go EZ Brush is stiffer and has a stronger scrubbing action, and is designed to withstand the rigours of professional use. Like its siblings, it does tend to throw off a fair amount of splatter, but as long as you stand over the wheel rather than squatting in front of it this can be largely avoided. If you need a heavy duty wheel brush then this is the one for you.

Key Features

Bristle/Pile Length41 mm(Approximate Value)
Chemically ResistantYes(Tolerates Strong Chemicals)
Softness4/10(Compared To Others)


The Go EZ Brush is made in the USA by EZ Detail and is designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use. A no-compromise approach was adopted during its design and development, and this shows in the end product. The EZ Detail Go EZ Brush features chemically-resistant Nylex bristles, which are extremely flexible and thus able to access narrow spoke gaps safely. These bristles also feature a memory design, meaning that the original shape of the brush can be restored at any point by standing it in hot water. The handle of the EZ Detail Go EZ Brush is made of semi-rigid polypropylene, the inflexible nature of which aids the scrubbing action and helps to make light work of tackling neglected rims.


More Information
Bristle/Pile Length 41 mm
Chemically Resistant Yes
Construction Nylex bristles and polypropylene handle

How To Use

Care instructions: (i) rinse out frequently during and after each use, in order to keep the bristles free of grit and other debris; (ii) store hanging up while not in use, to ensure that the brush keeps its shape; and (iii) restore bent or flattened bristles by standing the brush in a bucket of hot water for a couple of minutes - this will trigger the memory design of the bristles, causing them to return to their correct position (this process can be repeated as often as necessary to restore the original shape of the brush, although storing it properly will guarantee it remains in tip top condition).