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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Dr Leather Leather Cleaning Wipes


We Say

As a result of being coated with synthetic resins, modern leather upholstery doesn't need to be fed with oil-rich products, but does need to be kept clean. Many manufacturers still recommend using two products to achieve this; a cleaner (to remove oils and grime) and a conditioner (to restore the suppleness of the coating afterwards). Dr Leather have adopted a different approach and developed a single product that cleans deeply without stiffening or otherwise degrading the coating, and thus leaves modern leather looking, feeling and smelling like new. This cleaning solution is also available in the form of pre-impregnated disposable wipes, which make the cleaning process even easier by doing away with the need for a separate microfibre towel.

Key Features

Agitation RequiredYes(See How To Use)
Cleaning Strength6/10(Compared To Others)
DilutableNo(Ready To Use)


Dr Leather Leather Cleaning Wipes comprise fully synthetic ultra-thin microfibre towels impregnated with the same water-based cleaning solution found in Dr Leather Leather Cleaner. By making use of a unique blend of biodegradable and non-toxic chemical cleaning agents, this solution deep cleans the protective top-coating of modern leather without degrading it any way, while the towel itself collects up all of the freshly released oils and grime. As a result, Dr Leather Leather Cleaning Wipes restore the original look and feel of modern coated leather, without necessitating the use of a secondary conditioner. Furthermore, they also incorporate an aromatic component that restores an authentic freshly vegetable-tanned leather scent.


More Information
Agitation Required Yes
Chemical Basis Water-based
Cleaning Strength
Dilutable No
Maximum Dwelling Time 5 minutes
Suitable For Leather surfaces (finished only)
pH 9 (alkaline)

How To Use

Before using Dr Leather Leather Cleaning Wipes vacuum the surfaces to be treated (ideally using a soft brush attachment), so as to ensure that all loose dirt and grime is removed first. Then, after putting on a pair of PB Nitrile Gloves, take a fresh wipe from the tub and start wiping the leather down in a circular motion using light pressure and overlapping strokes. You will typically need to use between 5 – 10 wipes to clean a lightly soiled full leather interior. Once you are done, wipe the treated surfaces down with a PB Utility Towel and then leave the leather to dry fully before driving your car. Please note that these wipes are designed specifically for use on modern coated leather, and are not suitable for use on suede and other types of unfinished leather.