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Bilt Hamber cleanser-fluid


We Say

To achieve the expected results and durability associated with Bilt Hamber's range of sealants and waxes it is necessary to properly clean the surfaces to be treated first. Bilt Hamber cleanser-fluid is the perfect product for this task, as it flushes the surface pores of painted finishes, removing former last step product residues and embedded grime with ease. Being naphtha-based, it's less harsh than its alcohol-based rivals, yet much more effective, as evidenced by its ability to dissolve tar spots. Moreover, because it doesn't flash off as quickly, it's also far nicer to use.

Key Features

Anti-StaticNo(Doesn't Repel Dust)
Cleaning Strength10/10(Compared To Others)
DilutableNo(Ready To Use)


Bilt Hamber cleanser-fluid provides the deepest possible clean for painted surfaces. Used in place of alcohol-based cleaners, which, if used incorrectly, can sometimes soften some paint finishes, Bilt Hamber cleanser-fluid removes all traces of oily road films, polish residues and former last step products with ease. It's best used after the claying process to prepare bodywork to receive protection (in a nutshell, the cleaner a paint finish is before a last step product is applied to it, the longer the newly applied protection will last).


More Information
Anti-Static No
Application Method By hand only
Chemical Basis Spirit-based
Cleaning Strength
Contains Chemical Cleaners Yes
Dilutable No
Removes Oils And Residues Yes
Size 500 ml (+ towel)

How To Use

Bilt Hamber cleanser-fluid should be applied in a well-ventilated space and to cool panels positioned out of direct sunlight. To protect your skin, we recommend wearing PB Nitrile Gloves throughout the application process. For best results, liberally mist Bilt Hamber cleanser-fluid over small sections at a time (up to 18 x 18 square) and then immediately buff it off using either the supplied buffing towel or a PB Disposable Towel. Once the whole car is done, discard the buffing towel (don't try and wash it, because the residual odour will contaminate your washing machine).