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Auto Finesse Vision


We Say

Auto Finesse Vision is a solvent-based polish designed to intensively clean glass and chrome surfaces. Using the combined cutting abilities of ultra-fine micro-abrasives and chemical cleaning agents, Auto Finesse Vision efficiently removes all traces of oils and even the most stubborn of films and bonded surface contaminants to leave glass and chrome surfaces crystal clean.

Key Features

Cleaning Strength10/10(Compared To Others)
Cut Level1/10(Compared To Others)
Safe For Privacy GlassYes(i.e. OEM Factory Tints)


Glass and chrome need the same properties in a cleaning polish; a powerful abrasive that is strong enough to cut away stubbornly bonded contaminants, but not so harsh as to mar the surface it is being applied to. Auto Finesse Vision meets this requirement perfectly, as it features robust micro-abrasives and potent chemical cleaning agents suspended in a creamy carrier solution for ease of use.


More Information
Chemical Basis Solvent-based
Cleaning Strength
Contains Abrasive Particles Yes
Contains Chemical Cleaners Yes
Cut Level
Dangerous Goods Y
Safe For Privacy Glass Yes
Safe For Window Tints No
Size 500 ml
Suitable For Exterior Use Yes
Suitable For Hand Use Yes
Suitable For Interior Use Yes
Suitable For Machine Use No

How To Use

Auto Finesse Vision should be applied by hand using a Meguiar's Even Coat Microfiber Applicator Pad. Only 3-4 pea-sized drops of product are required per window, and these should be worked in with pressure in an overlapping fashion until the residue all but completely disappears. Finally, buff the treated surface with a PB Utility Towel until a perfectly clear smear-free finish is achieved.