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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Atomiza Pet Hair Remover

by Atomiza

We Say

The Atomiza Pet Hair Remover is great for removing troublesome pet hair from interior fabrics and carpets, and also makes light work of lifting lint from velour-trimmed door seals too. For best results sweep thoroughly with one hand and vacuum with the other.

Key Features

Bristle/Pile Length25 mm(Approximate Value)
Chemically ResistantYes(Avoid Strong Chemicals)
Softness3/10(Compared To Others)


The Atomiza Pet Hair Remover is a simple yet highly effective solution to the otherwise challenging task of cleaning up pet hair in cars. As the long rubber bristles are drawn over interior surfaces, they sweep up hairs and lint for easy collection.


More Information
Bristle/Pile Length 25 mm
Chemically Resistant Yes
Construction Rubber bristles and rubber-coated handle

How To Use

Care instructions: (i) after use, rinse under fresh running water (using your fingertips to tease out any clogged hairs and fibres) and then allow to dry naturally, and; (ii) store in a dry, dust-free environment while not in use (lidded plastic storage boxes are ideal in this respect).