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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Atomiza Atlasta Parts Cleaning Brush

by Atomiza

We Say

The Atomiza Atlasta Parts Cleaning Brush is by far the stiffest cleaning brush we offer, and should be reserved for use on surfaces that don't mark easily (e.g. bare unpolished metals) or areas where marring is of no concern (i.e. beneath the car or in the wheel arches). It shifts stubborn grease and grime with ease, particularly when used in conjunction intensive cleaners such as Bilt Hamber surfex-HD, and we also rate it very highly for scrubbing tyres too. For the toughest of cleaning tasks and scrubbing tyres the Atomiza Atlasta Parts Cleaning Brush is hard to beat.

Key Features

Bristle/Pile Length65 mm(Approximate Value)
Chemically ResistantYes(Tolerates Strong Chemicals)
Softness2/10(Compared To Others)


The Atomiza Atlasta Parts Cleaning Brush is hand-made in the USA and is designed to make light work of cleaning heavily soiled engine blocks, suspension components, brake assemblies and other undercarriage surfaces and parts. It features extremely stiff long-lasting Trialoy polyester bristles that are chemically resistant and shaped for maximum cleaning efficiency, and a durable injection-moulded handle with a ribbed design for optimal grip. The Atomiza Atlasta Parts Cleaning Brush is designed to be used with both solvent- and water-based degreasing chemicals.


More Information
Bristle/Pile Length 65 mm
Chemically Resistant Yes
Construction Trialoy polyester bristles and polypropylene handle

How To Use

Care instructions: (i) after use, rinse under fresh running water (using your fingertips to tease out dust and any fibres) and then allow to dry naturally, and; (ii) store in a dry, dust-free environment while not in use (lidded plastic storage boxes are ideal in this respect).