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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

3M High Performance Masking Tape

by 3M

We Say

Masking off trims properly prior to polishing by machine or applying products that may stain such surfaces makes sense, in that it helps to prevent damage and eliminates the need for a subsequent clean-up process. We use 3M High Performance Masking Tape every time we polish our cars, and view it as an essential accessory product. Furthermore, it's also very handy for other tasks too, such as de-linting fabric convertible tops and adding temporary labels to bottles and dispensers.

Key Features

Length50 m(Per Roll)
Low TackYes(Residue-Free)
Water ResistantYes(Do Not Soak)


3M High Performance Masking Tape is not like the stickier general purpose blue masking tapes that are sold in many DIY stores; 3M High Performance Masking Tape is made specifically for masking up vehicles in bodyshops, and is perfect for detailing duties too. 3M High Performance Masking Tape features a highly water-resistant, low-tack, rubber-derived adhesive and, unlike the stickier DIY tapes mentioned above, leaves zero residue behind when removed.


More Information
Construction Paper-based
Low Tack Yes
Available Widths 19mm, 25mm, 38mm & 50mm
Length 50m
Solvent Resistant Yes
Water Resistant Yes

How To Use

3M High Performance Masking Tape is safe for use on all automotive surfaces, even when it's left in place for several days. The only time extra care must be taken is when working on older, more fragile paint finishes, and on panels that have been resprayed poorly. In such cases it's always a good idea to reduce the tackiness of the tape by sticking it to your clothes before applying it to the car; the resulting pick-up of lint will reduce its tackiness quite significantly.