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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

3M Glass Polishing Compound

by 3M

We Say

Polishing marring and fine scratches out of glass surfaces is a slow, difficult and painful process at the best of times, but using the right products and accessories for the job does make life just that little bit easier. 3M Glass Polishing Compound is ideal in this respect as it not only cuts really well, but also breaks down quickly and completely during use to leave a high clarity finish that requires no further refinement, making it a true one-step glass polishing product.

Key Features

Cleaning Strength10/10(Compared To Others)
Cut Level8/10(Compared To Others)
Safe For Privacy GlassYes(i.e. OEM Factory Tints)


3M Glass Polishing Compound comprises a precision-milled, cerium oxide-based micro-abrasive paste that permanently removes minor defects such as wiper marring, fine scratches and water spots from exterior glass surfaces. The use of cerium oxide offers significant advantages in terms of finish quality and reduced working time, and makes 3M Glass Polishing Compound a viable option for users of professional specification dual action polishers, such as those in the RUPES BigFoot range.


More Information
Chemical Basis Water-based
Cleaning Strength
Contains Abrasive Particles Yes
Contains Chemical Cleaners No
Cut Level
Safe For Privacy Glass Yes
Safe For Window Tints No
Size 1 L
Suitable For Exterior Use Yes
Suitable For Hand Use No
Suitable For Interior Use No
Suitable For Machine Use Yes

How To Use

3M Glass Polishing Compound should only be applied by machine. For best results using a dual action polisher, it should be applied using a Flexipads Rayon Glass Polishing Disc. Only 3-4 pea-sized drops of product are required per 12 x 12 area, and these should be worked in at 4000-5000 orbits per minute (speed 4-5 on most dual action polishers) with moderate pressure until only a thin film remains. The area being polished should be misted with water regularly during the polishing process in order to help keep it cool, and the residue should be buffed off carefully using a PB Utility Towel.