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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

3M Banded Earplugs

by 3M

We Say

In an unregulated environment it's easy to overlook basic safety issues, and noise control is something that very few detailers and even fewer enthusiasts take seriously. This is worrying because regular exposure to moderate to high levels of noise in confined spaces (from machine polishers, vehicle dryers and vacuum cleaners, etc.) can permanently damage human hearing in a relatively short space of time. Please consider looking after your ears properly in future by wearing comfortable, inexpensive ear protection from 3M.

Key Features

Chemically ResistantYes(Tolerates Strong Chemicals)
ConstructionPolycarbonate(Dominant Material)
WashableYes(Wipe Clean Only)


3M Banded Earplugs (in this case the E-A-RCap model) protect against harmful noise, especially in situations where continuous noise levels are a problem. The soft rounded polyurethane plugs seal the entrance of the ear canal very comfortably, and the flexible polycarbonate band allows them to be conveniently worn around the neck when not in use. The E-A-RCap model complies with European Standard EN 352-2:1993 for hearing protectors and has a measured single number rating (SNR) value of 23 dB when worn under the chin.


More Information
Chemically Resistant Yes
Construction Polycarbonate band and polyurethane plugs
Washable Yes (wipe clean only)

How To Use

You should wear 3M Banded Earplugs whenever you use noisy detailing tools, such as vehicle dryers, machine polishers and vacuum cleaners. The current E-A-RCap model provides maximum protection when the band is positioned beneath the chin, but it can also be worn behind the head if you prefer. In all cases you should push the plugs gently into the entrance to your ears and wiggle them slightly until a good seal is formed; when they are correctly inserted your voice should sound hollow and noises around you should not sound as loud as before.