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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Stjarnagloss Tjara Tar & Glue Remover


We Say

Stjarnagloss Tjara is a tar & glue remover with a twist. Tjara, unlike most other trar removers is not solvent based. It features a natural orange oil formulation, making for a much more pleasant experience without any drop off in performance.

Key Features

Agitation RequiredYes(See How To Use)
Cleaning Strength10/10(Compared To Others)
DilutableNo(Ready To Use)


Stjarnagloss Tjara is a powerful tar remover that uses natural orange oil. Tar removal is normally an unpleasant experience, because strong solvents are involved. We’ve used natural orange oil in our Tjära tar remover though, so you’ll find the experience as enjoyable as the results themselves.


More Information
Agitation Required Yes
Chemical Basis Natural Orange Oil
Cleaning Strength
Dilutable No
Maximum Dwelling Time 2 minutes
Removes Inorganic Contaminants No
Removes Organic Contaminants Yes
Safe For All Wheel Types Yes
Strips Coatings No
Strips Sealants And Waxes Yes
pH n/a

How To Use

Just spray onto the tar spot and allow to dwell before buffing with a soft cloth, or spray onto the cloth directly and then gently rub the tar away. Also works on wheel weight and sticker residues.