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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Nanolex Tar Remover

by Nanolex

We Say

Many car care product manufacturers follow the same practice when it comes to meeting current health and safety laws, which is to meet the required standards at the lowest possible cost. This results in products being safe (according to the law), but not necessarily as safe as they could be (according to the latest health and safety research). Nanolex are different in this respect. Their chemists are more cautious, and prefer to use the safest possible chemicals whenever possible, even if this means that the end product is more expensive as a result. Nanolex Tar Remover is a good example of this; instead of comprising aromatic solvents, which are inexpensive and work well but are harmful to human health, it comprises dearomatized solvents that cost more to produce but which are far less toxic and perform equally as well. Cost versus safety; the decision is yours!

Key Features

Agitation RequiredYes(See How To Use)
Cleaning Strength10/10(Compared To Others)
DilutableNo(Ready To Use)


Nanolex Tar Remover is a powerful spirit-based tar and glue remover that rapidly dissolves bonded organic contaminants upon contact. In addition to removing tar spots and adhesive residues, it is also ideal for stripping old layers of sealant and wax protection. Nanolex Tar Remover is safe for all exterior surfaces, provided that it is used correctly. The only time caution is required is when working on freshly painted surfaces that haven't been force cured, i.e. in the period immediately after a SMART repair is performed. In such cases, the use of Nanolex Tar Remover should be avoided as, being spirit-based, it does have the potential to dissolve fresh, uncured paint. Nanolex Tar Remover is free of halogenated hydrocarbons and aromatic solvents, and therefore poses a far lower health and safety risk than many of the other tar and glue removers currently on the market.


More Information
Agitation Required Yes
Chemical Basis Spirit-based
Cleaning Strength
Dilutable No
Maximum Dwelling Time 2 minutes
Removes Inorganic Contaminants No
Removes Organic Contaminants Yes
Safe For All Wheel Types Yes
Size 750 ml
Strips Coatings No
Strips Sealants And Waxes Yes
pH n/a

How To Use

Nanolex Tar Remover is an intensive spirit-based cleaner and should be used neat. For best results, it should be applied to dry surfaces (if conditions dictate it can be applied to wet surfaces, but note that its efficacy will be reduced). Working on one panel at a time, spray Nanolex Tar Remover on liberally and allow 1-2 minutes for it to work. Then take a PB Disposable Towel and wipe the panel down gently to remove any stubborn nibs of contamination. Once the whole car is done, discard the towel (don't attempt to wash it, because the residual odour will contaminate your washing machine), rinse the car down thoroughly and proceed to the next stage of the decontamination process (the removal of iron-based contaminants using an iron-dissolving cleaner).