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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £75*

Nanolex ODEX

by Nanolex

We Say

Every now and again the car care rulebook is torn up and rewritten by innovative new technologies that come along and redefine what we can expect from detailing products. Nanolex ODEX is no exception this, and redefines what odour eliminators can do. Long gone are the days of masking interior odours with air fresheners or strongly scented deodorisers. Instead, you can now quickly and easily neutralise nasty odours in just a few minutes. Nanolex ODEX is a spray on odour eliminator that targets nasty odours selectively using some very clever chemistry. It's super easy to apply, safe for all surfaces and does exactly what it promises; we've yet to find a nasty odour it can't fix. Hat's off to Nanolex, because ODEX is quite simply brilliant.

Key Features

Anti-BacterialYes(Contains A Bactericide)
Anti-FungalYes(Contains A Fungicide)
DeodourisesYes(Neutralises Microbial Odours)


Nanolex ODEX is a scent-free, fast-acting odour eliminator. Nanolex ODEX chemically bonds to unpleasant, odour-intensive organic substances and neutralizes them in just a few minutes. Unlike many odour eliminators, Nanolex ODEX does not attempt to mask unpleasant odours in any way; rather, it destroys them at their source. Furthermore, it doesn't release any harmful by-products as it works, and is water-based, meaning it's safe for use on all surfaces inside your car and your home. Nanolex ODEX targets offensive odours selectively, including those from tobacco, pets, spilt milk, vomit and most other unpleasant sources. Nanolex ODEX is colourless, quick and easy to use, and features proprietary chemical technologies developed in Germany.


More Information
Anti-Bacterial Yes
Anti-Fungal Yes
Deodourises Yes

How To Use

Although it's not absolutely necessary, we recommend making sure that the surfaces you intend to treat are clean and dry before use (remember that Nanolex ODEX is designed to tackle residual odours, not dirt and grime or other detritus). When you are ready to begin, the application process couldn't be any easier; spray Nanolex ODEX liberally over the surfaces you wish to treat and then either leave them to dry naturally (best for textiles) or wait a few minutes and wipe them down with a Nanolex Microfiber Buffing Towel before leaving them to dry naturally (best for non-porous surfaces). Although a single application is usually sufficient to neutralise most odours, the application process can be safely repeated if necessary.