Swissvax Mixing Bottle

Atomising spray bottle with dilution scale for concentrates. Buy online and earn loyalty points as you shop.
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We Say

When you really begin to get into detailing with Swissvax products, you will find yourself needing to make up diluted solutions of their various concentrates on a regular basis. The Swissvax Mixing Bottle is an ideal accessory product for this task, as its label features an accurate easy to read dilution scale.

Key Features

Adjustable Spray Pattern No (Fixed Arc)
Capacity 250 ml (To Maximum Fill Line)
Chemically Resistant Yes (Avoid Strong Chemicals)


The Swissvax Mixing Bottle is a practical accessory product for accurately mixing and applying all of the concentrated products in the Swissvax range. An easy to read dilution scale is incorporated into the label on each bottle, and mixed solutions can be applied quickly and sparingly using the supplied spray head.


More Information
Adjustable Spray Pattern No
Capacity 250 ml
Chemically Resistant Yes
Construction Polyethylene terephthalate bottle and low-density polyethylene spray head

How To Use

Use the dilution scale on the label of the Swissvax Mixing Bottle to ensure correct solution strengths are made up in line with the formal instructions issued with the various Swissvax concentrates. In all cases, shake diluted solutions gently but thoroughly to ensure that they are fully mixed before use.


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