Dual mounting bracket for SCANGRIP work light stands. Buy online and earn loyalty points as you shop.

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We Say

If your work space demands it, you can effectively double the light output of your SCANGRIP TRIPOD or SCANGRIP WHEEL STAND rigs by running two Gyeon PRISM Plus work lights alongside each other, using a SCANGRIP DUAL BRACKET to mount them.

Key Features

Construction Steel (Dominant Material)
Length 610 mm (Approximate Value)
Pack Size 1 Bracket (All Fixings Supplied)


The SCANGRIP DUAL BRACKET is designed to mount directly on to the SCANGRIP TRIPOD and the SCANGRIP WHEEL STAND, and enable a pair of Gyeon PRISM Plus work lights to be fixed beside each other, thus doubling the illumination of the work space.


More Information
Construction Powder-coated steel
Dimensions 610 mm x 25 mm x 25 mm

How To Use

The SCANGRIP DUAL BRACKET fits directly on to the SCANGRIP TRIPOD or the SCANGRIP WHEEL STAND. See the supplied instructions for exact details of how to mount your Gyeon PRISM Plus work lights to the bracket (all fixings are supplied).


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