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We Say

The SCANGRIP D-MATCH 2 is the larger of the two floodlights in the SCANGRIP DETAILING range, and it's fair to say it's a monster! In reality, it's probably unnecessary in most situations, unless you have a particularly large work space or one that is very dark, in which case it might be ideal for your needs. As you might expect from its appearance, the SCANGRIP D-MATCH 2 is very similar to the SCANGRIP MULTIMATCH 2, and shares many of its features, including the same COB LED technology (albeit with double the maximum light output!). This highlights more paint defects than standard work lights, because it can be switched between two different colour temperatures (4500 K and 6500 K), which are optimised for inspecting lighter and darker finishes respectively. However, unlike the SCANGRIP MULTIMATCH 2, the SCANGRIP D-MATCH 2 doesn't feature a rechargeable internal battery, and only works when it's connected to the mains via a power cable. This limits its portability in comparison to the SCANGRIP MULTIMATCH 2, and makes it simple to choose between them; if you value maximum light output (5000 lumens in this case) over cable-free operation the SCANGRIP D-MATCH 2 is for you, but if not the SCANGRIP MULTIMATCH 2 is definitely the better option.

Key Features

Colour Temperature 4500/6500 K (Warm White/Cold White)
Light Output 500 - 5000 lm (Luminous Flux)
Warranty 2 Year (Return To Base)


The SCANGRIP D-MATCH 2 is a powerful mains-powered floor standing work light that makes defect spotting incredibly easy. The patented design features an extremely bright COB LED that outputs up to 5000 lumens of either warm white light or cold white light (selectable colour temperatures of 4500 K and 6500 K, with full spectrum CRI+ values of more than 96%). The SCANGRIP D-MATCH 2 also features a dimmer function that adjusts the light output to five different levels (10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%). The COB LED technology produces completely uniform and even illumination with only one shadow, which makes it ideal for lighting large work spaces. The SCANGRIP D-MATCH 2 is made from die-cast aluminium and features a solvent resistant glass lens, and is highly shock resistant and completely dust and waterproof. A built-in adjustable stand facilitates precise ground level positioning, while the optional SCANGRIP TRIPOD can be used to suspend the SCANGRIP D-MATCH 2 at various working heights and angles if required. Each SCANGRIP D-MATCH 2 comes supplied with a mains power cable, an instruction manual and a two year return to base warranty.


More Information
AC-Powered Yes
Battery-Powered No
Battery Type n/a
Cable Length 5 m
CE Approved Yes
Colour Temperature 4500 K or 6500 K
Dimensions 267 mm x 262 mm x 88 mm
Light Intensity (Illuminance) 800 - 8000 lux at 0.5 m
Light Output (Luminous Flux) 500 - 5000 lm
Net Weight 2.7 kg
Plug Type EU 2-pin (C) with UK 3-pin (G) adaptor
Running Time n/a
Voltage 100 - 240 V
Warranty 2 year return to base

How To Use

The SCANGRIP D-MATCH 2 is a mains-powered work light and thus subject to a number of health and safety risks that should be kept in mind at all times. If you mount the SCANGRIP D-MATCH 2 on a SCANGRIP TRIPOD (available separately), be sure to make use of the built-in cable clips on the legs, as this eliminates a potentially serious trip hazard. If you mount the SCANGRIP D-MATCH 2 on a SCANGRIP WHEEL STAND (available separately), you should avoid running over any cables as you move the wheel stand around. In line with this, we recommend using cable ties to loosely secure the power cable to the base of the pole and to the end of the arm with the non-lockable wheel. On a more general note, use the lower light output levels for general lighting and defect spotting, and the higher output levels to ruthlessly check your correction work. You will find it easier to spot defects if you position the SCANGRIP D-MATCH 2 approximately 2 – 3 m away from the area you are working on (either on the floor or mounted on a SCANGRIP TRIPOD or SCANGRIP WHEEL STAND).


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