RUPES BigFoot Knee Pads

Comfortable heavy duty knee protection for detailers. Buy online and earn loyalty points as you shop.
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We Say

Unless you have a vehicle lift, the chances are you spend a fair bit of time kneeling whenever you're detailing. We know from (all too painful) experience how detailing takes its toll on knee caps over the years, so we urge you to consider wearing high quality knee-protection in future. RUPES BigFoot Knee Pads are an excellent option and well worth the outlay.

Key Features

Chemically Resistant No (Avoid All Chemicals)
Construction Polyester (Dominant Material)
Washable Yes (Wipe Clean Only)


RUPES BigFoot Knee Pads comprise a heavy duty nylon body that is designed to minimise pressure on your knee caps when you are kneeling down. A thick gel-infused polyurethane foam insert and breathable mesh backing maximises comfort and stability, while a highly durable claw-embossed polyvinyl chloride outer shell provides protection against small stones.


More Information
Chemically Resistant No
Construction Heavy duty polyester bodies, gel-infused polyurethane foam inserts and polyvinyl chloride outer shells
Washable Yes (wipe clean only)

How To Use

You should wear RUPES BigFoot Knee Pads whenever you find yourself needing to kneel down for extended periods, e.g. when working on wheels/arches or machine polishing bumpers/side skirts. To fit them correctly, position the pads just above your knee caps (with the claws pointing upwards) and then fasten them securely using the neoprene straps and buckles.


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