RUPES BigFoot Fine Microfiber Polishing Pad

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Finishing pad for free-spinning BigFoot polishers. Buy online and earn loyalty points as you shop.

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The RUPES BigFoot Fine Microfiber Polishing Pad is ideal for refining duties on hard paint types following heavy correction work with the RUPES BigFoot Coarse Microfiber Polishing Pad, and also enables light to moderate defects in such finishes to be corrected in a single polishing step. It is engineered specifically for polishing hard OEM paint types with long-throw free-spinning dual action polishers, and is not suitable for use on other paint types (including OEM gelcoats and aftermarket resprays) or other types of machines (including gear-driven dual action polishers and rotary polishers). Compared to its foam- and wool-based equivalents in the RUPES line up, the RUPES BigFoot Fine Microfiber Polishing Pad has a greater surface area and refines finishes much faster, and its unique moulded construction ensures that downward pressure is applied more evenly, thus resulting in superior levelling and excellent clarity and gloss. The RUPES BigFoot Fine Microfiber Polishing Pad is currently available in three sizes, with each size being designed for a specific subset of BigFoot machines (100 mm for the RUPES LHR 75E Mini BigFoot Polisher, 150 mm for the RUPES LHR 15ES BigFoot Polisher and RUPES LHR 15III BigFoot Polisher, and 170 mm for the RUPES LHR 21III BigFoot Polisher). All three sizes feature a handy centering hole, a durable hook and loop backing and a strongly splayed side profile for safety.

Key Features

Cut Level 4/10 (Compared To Others)
Flexibility 3/10 (Compared To Others)
Washable Yes (Hand Or Machine)


The RUPES BigFoot Fine Microfiber Polishing Pad is engineered specifically for polishing harder paint types with the long-throw free-spinning dual action polishers in the RUPES BigFoot Random Orbital Polishing System. Unusually, it is manufactured using a patented moulding process in which a polyurethane resin is injected directly into a bevelled mould delineated by the hook and loop fastening material and the microfibre facing material. As a result, the resin cross-links directly to both materials to form a stable and secure bond without the use of adhesives. Once the moulding process is complete, each RUPES BigFoot Fine Microfiber Polishing Pad is then die-cut to produce a centering hole and an evenly spaced pattern of spiral slots. The purpose of these slots is not only to form an efficient airflow pathway for effective heat dissipation, but also to lighten the pad for optimal machine balance. Furthermore, the innovative spiral design also helps to ensure controlled and even spreading of the polishing compound on the paint surface. The durable hook and loop backing is specifically designed to be able to withstand the high lateral forces generated by long-throw dual action polishers, while the splayed side profile maximises access and safety when working in hard to reach spots. The RUPES BigFoot Fine Microfiber Polishing Pad is currently available in three different sizes.


More Information
Washable Yes (hand or machine)
Suitable For Soft Paints No
Suitable For Intermediate Paints No
Suitable For Hard Paints Yes
Compatible Backing Plate ⌀ 75 mm (100 mm) ⌀ 125 mm (150 mm) ⌀ 150 mm (170 mm)
Construction Microfibre and flexible polyurethane
Dimensions ⌀ 90 mm x 14 mm (100 mm) ⌀ 145 mm x 14 mm (150 mm) ⌀ 150 mm x 14 mm (170 mm)
Cut Level
Foam Structure n/a

How To Use

General usage notes: (i) always select the least aggressive pad you think you will need to achieve the desired result, and step up one grade at a time if more cut is required (ii) always ensure that you centre each pad properly on the backing plate (this can take several attempts to get right, but is vital if the machine is to remain perfectly balanced during use); (iii) always use an appropriate sized pad for the backing plate you are using (the pad should always protrude past the edge of the backing plate, never the other way around); (iv) always prime a new pad by spreading a thin layer of product over it using a RUPES BigFoot Claw Pad Tool and running it stationary on the paint for 15 seconds at low speed; (v) always ensure that spent polish residue on the face of the pad is cleaned off regularly during use using either a compressed air gun or a RUPES BigFoot Claw Pad Tool (failure to follow this advice can lead to micromarring of the finish, so don't be lazy!); (vi) after use, soak each pad in a bucket of PB Snappy Clean Boost solution for 15 minutes and then rinse under fresh running water (using your fingertips to massage out any remaining polish residue) and allow to dry naturally, and; (vii) while not in use, store in a dry, dust-free environment (lidded plastic storage boxes are ideal in this respect).


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