RUPES BigFoot Detailing Belt

One-size-fits-all utility belt with four storage pouches. Buy online and earn loyalty points as you shop.
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We Say

If you find yourself regularly wasting time looking for bottles of product and accessory items that you keep placing on the ground or on a work bench when machine polishing, then the RUPES BigFoot Detailing Belt may appeal to you. It offers a convenient way of keeping everything you are using close to hand, and is easy to adjust and comfortable to wear.

Key Features

Chemically Resistant No (Avoid All Chemicals)
Construction Polyester (Dominant Material)
Washable Yes (Wipe Clean Only)


The RUPES BigFoot Detailing Belt is made of heavy duty polyester and features four storage pouches threaded on to an adjustable one-size-fits-all belt with a quick release clip. The four pouches provide sufficient storage for several bottles of polish, a hand-held work light, a couple of spare pads (secured to an external hook and loop strip) and a smartphone.


More Information
Chemically Resistant No
Construction Heavy duty polyester
Washable Yes (wipe clean only)

How To Use

Adjust the RUPES BigFoot Detailing Belt to size using the hook and loop fastening straps on the belt and position the storage pouches where you want them by sliding them along the belt. If it becomes dirty after regular use, wipe it clean with a damp microfibre towel (a dedicated fabric cleaner and a soft-bristled cleaning brush can also be used if necessary).


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